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 alt="Richard Chiu1"  title="Richard Chiu1"
News / Owners
Warwick’s Chiu simply likes 100% control
By Jeffrey Weinstein | March 16, 2023
 Owner-operator acquires great location in Montreal that fits his model for success.  ... Read More
 alt="The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco"  title="The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco"
News / Mergers and Acquistions
San Francisco hotels: Priced for potential, but who’s buying?
By Brendan Manley | February 21, 2023
As the Bay Area slowly recovers, strong hotel valuations and rising interest rates are keeping transactions relatively at bay.... Read More
 alt="Thai Tourism Forum"  title="Thai Tourism Forum"
News / Owners
Thailand’s top owner pays to get top spenders
By Raini Hamdi | January 30, 2023
Wallapa Traisorat, leader of Thailand's biggest hotel ownership group, discusses new strategy to grow the business.... Read More
 alt="Investment impact on re-opening China"  title="Investment impact on re-opening China"
News / Mergers and Acquistions
Investment impact on re-opening China
By Raini Hamdi | January 18, 2023
Hotel investment in Asia has been buoyed by the region’s own reopening since early last year. Beijing’s U turn gave 2023 a great start. But it's the picture at end of the year that will count.... Read More
 alt="Sheraton NY"  title="Sheraton NY"
News / Owners
Small bites whet investor appetite in the Big Apple
By Oriana Lerner | January 12, 2023
 2023 might offer an appealing menu of single-asset and small portfolio plays in NYC for cashed-up buyers.    ... Read More