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 alt="Pyramid’s Fields: Disruption creates opportunity"  title="Pyramid’s Fields: Disruption creates opportunity"
News / Management
Pyramid’s Fields: Disruption creates opportunity
By Jeffrey Weinstein | March 24, 2023
 While Pyramid Global won’t grow for growth’s sake, CEO Fields said digging a little harder should be worth the effort.  ... Read More
 alt="Thai Tourism Forum"  title="Thai Tourism Forum"
News / Owners
Thailand’s top owner pays to get top spenders
By Raini Hamdi | January 30, 2023
Wallapa Traisorat, leader of Thailand's biggest hotel ownership group, discusses new strategy to grow the business.... Read More
 alt="Julie Arrowsmith"  title="Julie Arrowsmith"
News / Brands
ALIS video: New G6 Hospitality CEO Julie Arrowsmith
By Jeffrey Weinstein | January 26, 2023
Just a few weeks into the job as CEO of G6 Hospitality and its Motel 6 and Studio 6 extended-stay brand, company veteran Julie Arrowsmith discusses her priorities, challenges and opportunities.... Read More
 alt="Kevin Jacobs, CFO, Hilton"  title="Kevin Jacobs, CFO, Hilton"
News / Brands
ALIS video: Hilton CFO, President, Global Development Kevin Jacobs
By Jeffrey Weinstein | January 23, 2023
Hilton CFO and President of Global Development Kevin Jacobs discusses the rebound, new brands and inspirations for continued growth.... Read More
 alt="Marriott International CEO Tony Capuano"  title="Marriott International CEO Tony Capuano"
News / Brands
ALIS video interview: Tony Capuano, CEO, Marriott International
January 23, 2023
Hotel Investment Today launches its video interview series with Tony Capuano, CEO of Marriott International, talking about everything from alt-lodging to evolving brand standards and what he's reading right now.... Read More